The Women’s Congress for Future Generations answers the urgent call to care for our planet and to be guardians for future generations. We are women, joining together to catapult awareness about the critical issues confronting our planet and the consequences affecting every living species, including our children and grandchildren. We call for a paradigm shift in policies, laws, alliances and norms to ones that support sustainability, justice and interconnection for a world in which present and future generations can thrive.

Inspired by love, our movement weaves together the wisdom, passion and heartfelt conviction of women who share a vision of a healthy planet for future generations. Our goal is to activate individuals and organizations to work together to protect the planet by providing knowledge, skills and connections to meaningful action.

Our vision is to mobilize a groundswell of courageous citizens to act individually and collectively, raising a united voice of caring for Mother Earth.

Second Women's Congress
November 7th - 9th, 2014, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Plans are underway for the second Women's Congress to be held November 7th-9th, 2014 in the Twin Cities. We envision a gathering that will connect, educate, inspire and mobilize nearly 1000 women! This event will launch a broader movement galvanizing women, men and youth to protect our precious planet. 

Much is happening in the planning, including:
We invite you to be a part of this exciting work. If you have ideas or would like to connect, please contact us. 

We are grateful and humbled by your commitment to making the world healthy and beautiful for both Future and Present Generations!



We have a beautiful
Her green lap
Her Brown embrace
Her blue body
everything we know.
(Alice Walker)